Caspar Design

Caspar Design is Grafko-Caspar’s branch and brand for fashion and collaborations with designers. We are a group of designers who wants to liberate colors and designs from our computer screens and introduce them to the world. We are tired of dull and standardized designs and clothes that follow someone else’ s fashion or style. Our objective is to always go forward. To change current ways in both making and acquiring clothes and fabrics is our ambition. We believe we are not alone, and because of that we encourage everyone to print their imagination onto a material or products of their choice – an ordeal in which we are always ready to participate.



Grafko-Caspar Ltd. is one of the largest digital print on textile companies in south-eastern Europe. For almost 25 years, the company has followed the latest trends and technologies of digital printing on textiles. Our company is the largest Croatian manufacturer of all kinds of flags, textile banners, light-up frames and displays with textiles. Following the mass customization trend, our company recently invested in a facility for the production of custom print textile products, and for a digital on-demand printing service. Thanks to that investment, Grafko-Caspar has expanded its product range to Roll-to-Roll and Direct-to-Garment printing products and has acquired more and more clients – world-renowned brands that demand only superior quality, reliability and perfect precision of printing.


Caspar team

Caspar team acts as one large family community. Each member of our community is always prepared to recognize the needs, requests and requirements of our customers. We want our community to be made up not only of our employees and co-workers but also of our customers who are most important to us. Our creative part which develops and design your products consists of young, innovative and visionary individuals, while in our production plant, many years of experience and knowledge still prevail.

We would say that in just over two decades of business we have successfully found the ideal recipe for business efficiency and employee satisfaction. Presence of team spirit and optimism among our workspaces make us happy and proud. We are aware that a comfortable working environment is a prerequisite for the successful functioning of our internal processes and the production of finished products. Smooth-running operations and satisfied customers are always our motto.

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