New fabric sample pack

We get a lot of questions about our fabrics, but the most common one is : “How can I decide which type of fabric is suitable for my sewing projects?”

Well, the answer to this question isn’t quite so simple because we print on a wide range of fabrics in varying textures, weights and widths. But guys don’t worry if you don’t know which fabric to choose for your projects because we got you covered! With our new fabric sample pack you will easily decide which fabric is perfect for your project without guessing. Our Sample pack 2020 consists of 24 cards of different materials that we have in constant supply this year. Each card provides basic information about the material, while more detailed information can be found on our page Fabrics types. Our pattern is printed on all materials, with colors that realistically show the print on each individual material. Polyester materials are printed using sublimation technology while all natural materials are printed directly with ink jet technology. The most important thing about ordering a sample pack is that you will be able to see and feel the fabric before ordering large quantities. Sample packs will help you decide based on texture, appearance and the attributes of each fabric. 

Some of the new fabrics that we have added to our sample pack.

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