Bura flag

Our 25 years of experience have taught us how the quality of a flag is determined by three factors. The basic weight and strength of the material itself, the quality of the print and the quality of the manufacturing. Based on this, we offer you three flag selection options: “Maestral”, “Tramont” and probably the best flag in the world – “Bura”. We are always ready to advise you on which quality to choose according to your requirements and needs.

  • 100% penetration of print on to the other side
  • 100% more durable than Tramont quality
  • recommended for use in extreme weather conditions

* Of the “BURA” flag, the only more durable flag is the “BURA +”

As the extreme edge of the flag is its weakest part, we decided to offer a version + with rounded edges, which give it more durability and a modern look. We offer the „+“ version in all qualities of our flags.

Size chart

  • Fabric:
    – bura polyester fabric
    – weight: 155 g/m2
  • Dimensions:
    – standard dimensions: 100×200, 100×300, 150×400
    – possibility of custom dimension max width 2,5 m
  • For best durability and appearance, the following maintenance is recommended:
    – machine wash at 30°C with mild detergents
    – don’t bleach

Print guideline

Guidelines for the best print results.

To ensure that your design looks its best, prepare a graphic in one of the designated Adobe graphics tools in a 1: 1 ratio with a resolution of at least 72 dpi and a maximum of 300 dpi or a ratio of 1:10 with a resolution of at least 720 dpi and a maximum of 3000 dpi (resolutions refer to raster files). The smaller the design, the higher the resolution required, and conversely, the larger the design, the lower the resolution required. For example, a 1: 1 10×15 cm design requires a resolution of 300 dpi and a design 300×200 cm requires a resolution of 100 dpi. Save the file in PDF format with the CMYK Coated Fogra 39 profile. In case of a design that contains only a raster image, you can save the file in TIFF format without Layers, with LZW compression and the CMYK Coated Fogra 39 profile. 

All digital prints are typically printed in CMYK mode. If you want to use some of the special so-called spot colors you can use Pantone Solid Coated, but do not mix CMYK or RGB and Pantone Solid Coated in the same file as the print result could be unsatisfactory. Always use only one Color Mode.






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