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All about fabrics kit

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This kit was created in collaboration between HALLEL studio and Caspar.

This booklet is created for all those for whom fabrics are an integral part of everyday life (or will become so). It contains answers to questions that you often encounter when choosing or using a certain fabric. It is intended for complete beginners, as well as for those who are a little more experienced. After the introductory theoretical part, there are concrete examples and tips that will make creating your own designs a fun and educational experience.

*The booklet’s content is written in Croatian.

Na zalogi

    To ensure that your fabric selection for your project doesn’t end up with wandering between endless shelves full of everything, you will receive a set that contains samples of 26 different fabrics with their texture, appearance, and properties. This is the best way to feel the weight and texture of the fabric, but also to see how different colors look on a certain fabric. With the booklet and fabric samples, all the uncertainties that have been hindering your work so far become a thing of the past, and you will gain new possibilities and knowledge that will help you with every new project.






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