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The price that you see in the webshop is inclusive of both printing price and cost of goods.

Yes, the prices of the fabrics are shown per meter.

The minimum order is 1 meter or 1 piece.

We offer bulk discounts on orders over 29 meters/products and 99 meters/products. For orders over 99 meters/products, contact us directly. For more information about bulk discounts, click here.

When placing the order, businesses must include their VAT number at the checkout to avoid paying tax.

If you’re not familiar with our fabric customizator yet, click here to see two tutorials we have prepared for you to make your fabric customization easier.

Each fabric has its own use case. By clicking on fabric, you can see its specifications and photos of examples. If you’re not sure what fabric is the best for your project, order a Sample Pack that contains 23 different fabric cards with all information written on the back of each card.

The minimum order is 1 meter. Our customizer allows you to put multiple designs on the fabric and like that you can create a test swatch. If you’re not sure what fabric to choose, you can order our Starter Kit which contains a Sample Pack and a Color map.

Our customizer allows you to put multiple designs on one piece of fabric. If you want to see how to do that, click here.

It is advisable to order a Color Map before your first order. That way you can see the final result of printed colors on a specific fabric.

Our fabrics are made from organic materials that have a GOTS certificate.
For more information about sustainability, click here.

All our fabrics are organic and the print is made with water-based dyes without harmful chemicals, so it’s safe for any reasonable use. For more information about sustainability, click here.

Each fabric has its own maximum printable width. Information about the printable width, weight, and content of each fabric you can find in the description of the fabric when clicking on it. Available fabrics and their specifications you can see here.

Depending on the fabric, the percentage of fabric shrinking can vary between 1% and 5%. Polyester materials don’t shrink.

For proper care of fabrics and colorfast, we recommend washing fabrics at low temperatures (30°C) while using mild detergents and avoiding bleaching. For more delicate fabrics, we recommend hand washing. For more information on proper care of fabrics, click here.

As with every printed fabric, the longevity of fabric depends on proper care of it. Printing on polyester materials won’t fade or wear out. As long as you take proper care of the fabrics, we guarantee that the colors will stay consistent.

Since the minimum order is 1 product, you can order 1 product with your design before placing a larger order. That way you will get a better look at the final result of your printed design.

If you’re not familiar with our customizer yet, click here to watch a tutorial video we have prepared for you.

If your photo is a .jpg or .png file, it can be transferred onto the product. Drawings and paintings on paper need to be digitalized (scanned). If you need more information about the digitalization of pictures, feel free to contact us. We’ll gladly try to explain and help you.

Every product has a chart size in its description to help you choose your ideal size.

All our products are made from organic materials and we print your designs with water-based dyes using eco-friendly technologies.

The hardness of the material depends on the color. For example, a T-shirt printed in yellow color will be softer than a T-shirt printed in blue color. The product will get softer after the first proper washing. For more information about proper care of printed products, click here.

For proper care of your products, we recommend washing at low temperatures (30°C) while using mild detergents and avoiding bleaching. For more information on how to take proper care of your products, click here.

You can upload your design to our customizer in the right file format.

If you’d like to make your design pattern, click here to see a blog we have prepared for you in order to help you design your print pattern.

To upload your design to our customizer, the design needs to be saved as .jpg or .png file with 150 DPI resolution.

You can change the scale to all Caspar’s designs, but you can’t change their colors.

Products made with Caspar’s prints can be used for commercial purposes.

You are allowed to use Caspar’s designs for personal or commercial purposes only when they are provided and printed by Caspar Create. Any use of Caspar’s designs in their digital form is prohibited.

No, you can use any color you want. To make sure your colors will be the same on fabric as they are on screen, we recommend ordering a Color map on the desired fabric.

In order to print your artworks and photos on fabric, it’s necessary to check if the picture has a good quality – resolution. Image resolution is pixel count expressed as a vertical number of pixels times a horizontal number of pixels. For example, 1920×1080 is a common resolution for computer screens.

When printing an image, the above-mentioned resolution is not enough to know if the picture will look crisp or blurry because it depends on the size of the print. When it comes to printers, they use a different expression of resolution – DPI or dots (pixels) per inch. We print in 150 dpi resolution which means that with one inch (2,54 cm) of fabric printer reproduces 150 dots, which are on display seen as pixels.

For example, if you have an image with a resolution of 2000px x 2000px at 150 dpi, the maximum size of print on fabric could be 34cm x 34cm. If you want to print a photograph for example on 1m x 1m at 150 dpi, the resolution of your photo should be 5906px x 5906px which is approximately 35 megapixels. If you want to upload an illustration or picture and repeat it to get a pattern, you can upload it in 150dpi and then reduce its size in the customizer until you are satisfied with the result.

JPEG is the most common image raster format that is usually used for photographs. Although most common, not only photographs are saved as a JPG file. Scans, digital paintings, and even vectors can be saved as a JPG.

Since JPEG is a raster file, it loses quality and becomes pixelized if it’s printed on fabric in a larger resolution than the original. To have your picture as beautiful and crisp as on-screen, its resolution should never be under 150 DPI. It also shouldn’t be too large, so keep it under 40 MB.

We offer a sewing service with our cuts. You can check available products here. We also offer a sewing service with simpler cuts. For this kind of service, contact us by email with all information and photo examples of products you’d want and we’ll contact you back.

Yes, we offer label sewing for your brand on products. For more information, contact us.

Along with printing, cutting, and sewing, we also offer a drop shipping service to your customers. Contact us for more information.

Your order will be ready for dispatch within 5 to 7 business days. The time of delivery depends on your location and selected delivery option. For urgent orders or picking orders personally, you can contact us and we’ll gladly help you out. More information about delivery and its costs for each country can be found here.

For now, we only ship our fabrics and products to countries inside the EU.

The cost of shipping depends on the size and weight of your order, and it will be automatically applied to your cart once you put the delivery address. For more information about delivery and its costs for each country, you can see here.

We offer express shipping. It’s extremely important when making an order to leave a note to send your order with express shipping. Once we see the note, we’ll contact you by email and send you the bill for the surcharge of express delivery.

We accept payments by debit (Maestro) and credit cards (Mastercard, American Express, and Visa), payments through PayPal, and direct bank transfers (you receive an email containing our information to make a payment).

3-D Secure is a service that verifies cardholders and allows a secure purchase. When paying with debit or credit cards, 3-D Secure demands authorization of the transaction by using a token, m-token, or one-time password. A specific method of confirmation is determined by the issuer of your debit or credit card (bank).

CVV (Card Verification Value) is a three-digit number you can find on the back of your card.

Since we print on demand, we can’t accept returns of products or fabrics. Every custom-printed product must pass a thorough quality check to make sure everything went well on our side. For more information about our return policy, click here.

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