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You can upload your own design in three formats: JPEG, PDF or TIFF. For more information read our guide on how to prepare a file for upload.

In order to get your artwork or photographs printed on fabrics, you should always check if the image is of high enough quality (resolution) for the size of your fabric. Image resolution is expressed in pixels, as the vertical number of pixels times the horizontal number of pixels. For example, 1920×1080 is the common resolution for computer screens. 

When printing an image, it is not enough to know the resolution in order to know now if a picture will look crisp or blurry because that depends on the size of the print. When it comes to printers, resolution is expressed differently – in DPI or dots (pixels) per inch. We print in 150 dpi resolution, which means that on one inch (2,54 cm) of fabric the printer reproduces 150 dots, which are on display seen as pixels. For example, if you have an image with the resolution of 2000px x 2000px at 150 dpi, the maximal size of the print on fabric could be 34cm x 34cm. If you want to print a photograph for example, on 1m x 1m at 150 dpi, the resolution of your photo should be 5906px x 5906px, which is approximately 35 megapixels. If you want to upload an illustration or a picture and repeat it to get a pattern, you can upload it in 150dpi and then reduce its size using the customizer until you are satisfied with the result.

The size and orientation of a pattern tile can be changed on all designs, whereas colors can’t be changed on designs. 

You can use all Caspar designs for private and commercial purposes only when they are provided and printed by Caspar design. Any use of our designs in their digital form is prohibited

No, you can use any color that you like, but to make sure that colors will look like you intended, you should read our guide on how to prepare a file for upload.

Fabric choice depends largely on what you’ll use it for. To help you find the fabric perfect for your project, we have prepared the guide which includes common uses of different materials, as well as their properties, such as weight, size, composition and estimated shrinkage.

For longevity of your fabric, fastness of colors and because you care about the environment, we suggest that you wash your custom – printed fabric on low temperature (30°C) using mild detergents, and without bleach. Regarding the more delicate fabrics, such as georgette and chiffon, we recommend hand-wash.

Printed fabrics are colorfast, but as with any colored fabric, the longevity of colors depends on how you take care of the fabric. If you follow our recommended washing temperatures and methods, we can guarantee that colors will stay fast as long as on the next one.

Since we use heat for curing dyes, shrinkage of most materials is expected, although in different rates. You can find estimated shrinkage rates for specific materials in our “fabric selection guide” as well as when you select a specific fabric in the customizer. We would suggest that you take into account percentage of shrinkage when designing and ordering fabrics, in order to get the best results.

All Caspar prints are done with water-based inks without harmful chemicals and are safe for any reasonable use.

We offer bulk discounts for orders exceeding 20, 50 and 100 meters, with additional discounts for businesses and frequent customers. For larger orders we would prefer that you contact us directly.

We offer custom – printed fabric by meters, starting with 1 meter. Since fabrics are of different widths, the minimum order varies according to the fabric. If you want to check if your design looks good on certain fabric before ordering in meters, you can order a test swatch (25x25cm) with your design.

It is advisable to order a test swatch before you order large quantities of the same design to be sure that you like how colors look printed on a fabric of your choice.

Your custom designed fabric will normally be ready for dispatch in up to 3 days after placing an order. Arrival times depend on your location and the chosen shipping option. If you are in a hurry or would like to pick up your order personally, you can contact us and we’ll be glad to help.


The cost of shipping depends on the size and weight of your order and will be calculated automatically when you select your shipping adress.

Currently we only ship to Europe. If you are a business interested in a bulk order, you can contact us directly, no matter the location.

We accept payments from debit (Maestro) and credit cards (Mastercard, American Express, Diners and Visa) as well as Paypal.

Since we print on demand, we can’t accept returns. To make sure you’ll be satisfied with the colors and resolution of your designs on fabrics, we have prepared a detailed guide on how to prepare your file for print. In addition, every custom-printed fabric must pass a thorough quality check to guarantee that everything went well on our side. If you have any questions regarding your product, we encourage you to contact us.