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Upload your own photo, pattern or illustration
on T-shirts, bags, pillow cases…

Click the button below to upload your design to our product customizer in the right file format.
To upload your design to our customizer, the design needs to be saved in RGB color space as .jpg or .png file with 150 DPI resolution.
If you have any difficulties with uploading a file, please contact us on [email protected]


Don’t know how to use our product customizer?
Do not worry! We have prepared a How It Works page with tutorials.
Also our blogs can help you so check them out 🙂

Custom Made Products – Express Your Creativity

Express Your Creativity Using Our Product Customizer Be different, Be yourself, Be unique! How? Express yourselves through that which people will first notice – clothing! Caspar has a mission: t…

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How to create your own design pattern

One of the most important things in commercial digital textile printing is repetition; that is, how to make the pattern that is repeated throughout the entire length and width of the fabric. Technical…

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