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Caspar is an official dealer for Stanley/Stella!

We’re proud to be the first Stanley/Stella dealer in Croatia. Stanley/Stella is a truly unique supplier of premium and stylish yet sustainably produced garments designed for decoration. With Caspar and Stanley/Stella, you know who produced your clothes!

Made differently

What is immediately apparent with Stanley/Stella is that they take a lot of care for sustainability, and they hold 4 major certificates to prove it. As their documents suggest, they personally know farmers who produce organic cotton used for their products! If you are in any way involved in garment manufacturing process, you must know how impressive that is…

Style and quality

For Stanley/Stella, sustainability is just a starting point. They revolutionized the blank garment industry in yet another way. Buying blanks usually meant buying cheap T-shirts made from low-quality, usually warped fabric.
Stanley/Stella changed the game by introducing 180 stylish cuts in 110 colors, made of high-quality organic cotton. Fabrics is cut and sewn with care and attention to create a fashion-grade garments ready for decoration.

Innovative and dependable

As from a proper fashion brand, you can expect new, carefully thought-out collection twice a year. This makes sure they are never out of style and that you are never out of ideas for your next collection, be it for your brand, band our a company.
While we all like to see the new stuff, what we love is their iconic collection. It consists of 25 iconic styles that come in more than 30 colors and you can count that they will be available for the foreseeable future.
That is the Stanley/Stella for you, innovative but still dependable – a perfect combination that makes them a great partner to work with.


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