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Starter kit


The Starter Kit is a set that contains Fabric Sample Pack and a Color Map of the desired fabric. In that way, you can touch and compare all the fabrics we offer and choose the one that best suits your needs, and see how the colors will look on the fabric of your choice.

By ordering a Starter Kit, you will be able to make an informed decision about the colors and fabric you want to use before starting your new sewing project. This will give you a better idea of the final product too.


The Starter Kit includes a Sample Pack and a Color Map for the preferred fabric.

The Sample Pack contains 26 fabric samples, each with its individual set of characteristics, care instructions, and material information.

The Color Map shows 1000 different colors and their corresponding hexadecimal codes (#), 3 photographs, information about the font and size of text, and line thickness detail and how it will look on the specific fabric.

It’s a great way to make sure you get precisely what you want and make an informed decision when selecting fabric and designs colors for your new project.

Please note:

1. Our printing team every once in a while tweaks printer calibrations to refine color and improve color precision whenever possible and for this reasons colors on two identical orders on the same fabric can be different (minimal, but still slightly visible). So if you order fabric and after one year you want to order it again (same fabric, same design), we recommend to first order a new color map.

2. On color map are not all the colors that our printers can print.






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  1. saskia (verified owner)

    beautiful way to see what the color’s do on the different fabrics, and to see the stretch and feel the feel!! really good job!

  2. Ognjen (verified owner)

  3. LAURA (verified owner)

  4. Angelika Höckner (verified owner)

  5. DANIELE RIBOLLA (verified owner)

  6. Anne (verified owner)

    The starter kit is so helpful! You get a seriously good idea for the quality and feel of the different kind of fabrics. I also found it really helpful to see how the colours print on the different types of fabrics.
    Now for the printed piece of fabric: it makes ALL the difference when designing your own fabrics (esp. if you had your colours done!). I can’t recommend the starter kit enough!

    Image #1 from Anne
  7. Stephanie Schenck (verified owner)

    very professional

  8. Isabella (verified owner)

  9. Reka Morva (verified owner)

  10. Nina Schindlinger (verified owner)

    The starter kit is great. I love that each sample is printed with the same design, so it’s easy to compare colours. The big fabric swatch has different line weights and photos on them, to help you with how details print. Of course the hex codes on it are amazing!

  11. Madeleine W. (verified owner)

    Very extensive starter kit with many different fabrics, great quality and colours.

  12. Samantha Roelofs (verified owner)

    This color chart is great, it makes choosing the right colors so much easier. When ordering I made a mistake but was helped quickly and perfectly by a lovely employee. IMO Caspar Design deserves a 10 !

    Image #1 from Samantha Roelofs
  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very nice colors and very good quality. Thank you very much for the great product

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