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Sample pack

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The Sample pack includes 26 different fabric samples with their texture, appearance, and attributes. All fabrics are customizable and can be printed with our patterns or your own designs.

By ordering the Sample pack, you can feel each fabric’s texture, and weight, ensuring that it is the right fit for your project. You can also see how the color will look on each fabric and the quality of the print.

    Inside the Sample pack, you’ll find 26 fabric samples, with their own characteristics and attributes. Each sample includes care instructions, so you will know how to properly care for your fabric once it’s printed. You’ll also find information about the fabric, including its weight, width, and uses. We’ve carefully selected a variety of fabrics to suit different needs and projects, from lightweight and breathable to durable and firm fabrics.

    We are always looking for ways to improve and we are happy to introduce some new fabrics that we added in 2023 – Organic French Terry, Bamboo Stretch Jersey, Micromodal Stretch Jersey, and Waffle Fabric. You can see the full list of fabrics by clicking on Custom Fabrics.

    Our fabrics are not only customizable and high-quality, but also eco-friendly. We’re proud to offer certification on some of our fabrics and we use water-based inks and energy-efficient technology to print them, ensuring that they are made in an environmentally and socially responsible way.






    • 4.96 / 5
    1. Melanie Jane (verified owner)

      Really simple and cute little samples, very helpfull for deciding which material to use for your projects!

      • Caspar Design (store manager)

        Thank you so much Melanie! 🙂

    2. Anamarija Jotic (verified owner)

    3. Ilaria C. (verified owner)

    4. Arianna (verified owner)

    5. Nadja I. (verified owner)

    6. Miroslav T. (verified owner)

      Great sample pack for deciding what material to use and to see quality of printing!

    7. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Great set!

    8. Zsolt (verified owner)

      Really smart way to introduce your products, thanks!

    9. Irena V. (verified owner)

    10. Nika (verified owner)

    11. Lana (verified owner)

    12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    13. Anett (verified owner)

      This is really great to be able to judge the fabrics and also to see the colors.

    14. Lina Kokol (verified owner)

    15. Josipa (verified owner)

    16. Natalija (verified owner)

    17. Novella (verified owner)

      very useful!

    18. daniela simonetta (verified owner)

    19. Irena V. (verified owner)

    20. Anna (verified owner)

      It is great to see the materials, colors are vibrant on all of them.

    21. Orsolya Balogh-Stark (verified owner)

      Super usefull!!! Thank you!

    22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    23. Nora (verified owner)

      Nice range of fabrics, very good print quality! Also very helpful communication with costumers.

    24. Krisztina Szabo (verified owner)

      Just love this sample Pack! Any time Im planning to sew something, just grab the samples a and check which fabric would be the best for it.
      Making the whole process so enjoyable!

    25. Birgit K. (verified owner)

    26. Maja (verified owner)

    27. Amber (verified owner)

      I am so happy to have these samples on hand for my next project!!!

    28. Sara S. (verified owner)

      A great and useful pack

    29. Ana Maria R. (verified owner)

      Nice fabrics!

    30. Dorota (verified owner)


    31. carola zerbone (verified owner)

      nice products. I would have preferred to have them all in the same binding for a more practical use

    32. Simone M. (verified owner)

      It’s so nice!! I’m excited to choose another piece.

    33. Orla C. (verified owner)

    34. Vid K. (verified owner)

      Great presentation of samples – looking forward for future orders.

    35. Sandra K. (verified owner)

    36. Kristina Vila (verified owner)

      Very happy with my purchase

    37. Giulia O. (verified owner)

      Everything perfect, very good fabrics and excellent colours. Totally satisfied with my order.

    38. Daniela Glueck (verified owner)

    39. Lisa (verified owner)

      Lovely! You can really judge the quality of the fabrics and the print that is used, really helps to see how colours and details will be printed!

    40. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Practical sample pack that nicely shows all fabrics and how the colors turn out on them. Also the composition, weight and usage information on the back of the card is useful. Brought my pack to my sewing class, and now there are five more people who want one.

    41. Kathy Lecocq (verified owner)

      Really good quality and I love the softness of your fabrics

    42. Mara P. (verified owner)

      Utilissimo e con descrizioni chiare sul prodotto. Avrei preferito una tinta unita, la fantasia scelta fa confusione. Il packaging è molto bello

    43. Laura (verified owner)

    44. Lisa (verified owner)

      Love this sample pack, it makes picking a fabric so much easier!

    45. Natalia Gutiérrez de Núñez (verified owner)

      The best fabric sampler I’ve ever received. It is designed so that each fabric can be handled comfortably, since each one comes in a cardboard that holds it. I have loved the fabrics, both their quality and the quality of the printing. In addition, the shipment has been very fast. Excellent!!!

    46. Diana Brænder (verified owner)

      So good to have all the quality samples in hand to get an idea how they feel.

    47. Annette (verified owner)

    48. Michela Vargiolu (verified owner)

    49. Irina (verified owner)

    50. Birgit L. (verified owner)

      Perfekt, um Entscheidungen zu treffen. Die Auswahl ist super und auch die GOTS-Zertifizierungen!

    51. Rosalba Florio (verified owner)

      Molto utile e molto bello: ogni tessuto riporta tutte le indicazioni di peso e altezza e il packaging è molto curato. Perfetto

      Image #1 from Rosalba Florio
    52. Cecilia B. (verified owner)

      Tutto bellissimo come sempre❤️

    53. gabriella elisir (verified owner)

      Molto professionale. Spiega tutto nei minimi dettagli. Complimenti

    54. Manuela (verified owner)

    55. Julia Cholakova Ezechukwugoziri (verified owner)

      I love all the fabric options and how they were packed

    56. Anonymous (verified owner)


    57. Luna (verified owner)

      Perfect to know all the fabrics

    58. Elisabetta P. (verified owner)

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