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Shipping & Delivery


At Caspar, we pride ourselves on ensuring the quality and accuracy of every order. Upon placing your order through our web shop, please allow up to 24 business hours for verification. Once approved, your order seamlessly transitions into our production process. Typically, production takes 5-7 business days for orders of up to 30 meters/pieces, excluding weekends and holidays. However, please note that production times may vary based on our current workflow. For larger orders, please feel free to reach out to us directly to confirm the estimated production time.


Once your order is ready for dispatch, you’ll receive a notification email containing your shipment’s tracking number. With just a click on the provided tracking link, you can monitor the status of your package. Please ensure that the shipping address and delivery method are accurate when placing your order, as changes cannot be made once it is processed.

GLS’s deliveries occur Monday through Friday during standard business hours, excluding public holidays. Typically, orders are delivered within 5 to 7 working days. In the event that no one is available to receive the package at the specified address, the courier will leave a notification after each unsuccessful delivery attempt. The number of attempts may vary based on the destination country. Should the package remain undeliverable, it will be returned to Caspar. In such cases, our dedicated customer service team will promptly contact you to resolve any issues and ensure a smooth delivery process.

Shipping costs and transit time

The following are shipping costs (without taxes) and transit time that apply to each country that we ship our products.

Country< 2 kg< 10 kg< 20 kg< 30 kg< 40 kgTransit Time
Austria6.8011.8013.7018.6021.703-4 days
Belgium7.7016.5018.4023.5026.904-5 days
Bulgaria7.4015.1016.7020.9023.805-6 days
Croatia5.407.008.6010.3011.201-2 days
Czech Republic6.8010.6011.8015.3017.603-4 days
Denmark7.8016.0018.0023.4027.005-6 days
Estonia11.3026.3027.9036.0042.504-5 days
Finland14.1027.7029.3043.2055.406-7 days
France11.0014.3015.5022.4028.005-6 days
Greece10.0026.1035.7053.9060.506-7 days
Ireland16.4025.8027.6035.1040.905-6 days
Italy10.0017.4218.8025.7031.203-5 days
Latvia10.7024.9025.7030.7034.404-5 days
Lithuania8.8023.3024.7031.5037.104-5 days
Luxembourg8.3015.9018.1023.5026.804-5 days
Hungary7.809.7010.9013.6015.101-2 days
Netherlands7.7015.5017.5022.9026.404-5 days
Germany7.1014.0016.0023.4029.403-4 days
Poland7.8018.7019.4022.5025.003-4 days
Portugal10.0025.2028.5032.6034.905-6 days
Romania9.9013.8015.3018.8021.203-4 days
Slovakia5.809.2010.7014.3016.603-4 days
Slovenia7.008.709.0010.6011.701-2 days
Spain12.3027.7028.1035.0041.905-6 days
Sweden11.7022.8025.1035.1043.404-6 days
Malta23.1057.5095.20152.70172.504-6 days
Cyprus29.7092.30169.20286.40326.504-6 days

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