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Fabric bowl covers – practical, profitable and lovely alternative to plastic!

How often you are not in the mood to clean the leftovers after the Sunday family lunch? Almost every household has food left over after lunch, and we never know how to store it – leave it in the pan where it was cooked or transfer it to another bowl?!

For making food preparation simple, we have prepared a simple DIY project – fabric covers. They are practical, keep food fresh, save us time and money and can be in various designs.

How to make Fabric Bowl Covers?

This project involves sewing, so you’ll need a sewing machine!

To keep the freshness of the food, we decided to use Muslin fabric.

The very breathable and soft fabric makes it ideal for this DIY project. It consists of 100% organic cotton. Just what we need!

The list of what you need:
  • 100 cm x 128 cm of Muslin fabric
  • Rotary blade or fabric scissors
  • Sewing meter
  • Sewing machine
  • Elastic rubber
  • Pins
  • Bowls

Watch the video below to make it easier for you
to make the fabric bowl covers.

Step 1

Place pieces of fabric on a cutting mat or table (if you don’t have a mat) and turn the bowl over. Draw a circle on the fabric with a pencil and measure about 5 cm from the circle and make a larger circle.

Step 2

After that, use a rotary blade to cut out the following larger circle on the fabrics. Measure 1.5 cm from the edges and fasten it with pins to make it stable. Sew the edges with the sewing machine, but leave a little space at the beginning.

Step 3

The last step is to use a stapler to thread the rubber band into the free part of the fabric.

The easiest way to determine the length of the rubber band is to measure a centimeter from the edge of the bowl and then multiply by pi (π) and subtract 2 cm.

And that’s it!

You can use them for absolutely everything – saving food at home, when you’re in nature and want to cover a meal, when baking cakes or bread and the dough needs to stand…

If you want to try this DIY project, click on the Fabric Types page and select Muslin Fabric. After that, choose the design you want – you can choose the ones you can imagine in your kitchen. You can also put some recipes or pictures of your favorite food.

Send us pictures and videos of your colorful fabric bowl covers or post them on Instagram with the hashtag #caspardiy. Can’t wait to see your lovely DIY projects.

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