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Create Fabric Baskets in 3 simple steps

Why to make Fabric Baskets?

We all have a lot of things at home that we need every day but don’t have a specific place for this stuff. These are the things we usually overlook – gadgets, chargers, keys, stationery…

To prevent constantly looking for these things, we prepared and tested one simple DIY project – the fabric baskets.

In addition to being practical, they can fit perfectly into any space. We can put one basket in the living room, for TV remote control, chargers, and various USBs, the second in the bathroom for hairpins, rubber bands, and hair accessories, and the third in the bedroom for stationery…

If you have pets, make one for their toys.

The possibilities are endless, you only must choose the size and design.

How to make Fabric Baskets?

This DIY project includes a little bit of sewing, but nothing complicated.

To make the baskets durable, we decided to use Cotton Sateen fabric with colorful designs – Fire, Fish basket, Strips and Charming flowers. You can choose any design you like from our base.

So let’s go!


The list of what you need:
  • 100 cm x 145 cm of Cotton Sateen fabric
  • Rotary blade or fabric scissors
  • Straight edge ruler
  • Needle and thread
  • Sewing machine
Step 1

Place the fabric on a cutting mat or if you don’t have it, place it on a table. With the straight edge ruler and rotary blade or fabric scissors cut three strips in width of 2.5 cm.

cutting cotton sateeen fabric

cutting fabric for basket

three strips of 2 cm width

making fabric strips

cutting fabric

design for fabric basket

Step 2

Fasten the fabrics with a needle at the top and start braiding. If you run out of strips, add them to the ends of the previous strip and continue knitting.

braiding fabric

three strips

making fabric basket

Step 3

In the last part, it is necessary to sew. Turn the resulting braid around and sew so that the edges bring together. After a few circles, the basket will begin to form.

sewing basket

how to make fabric basket

making fabric basket

And that’s it!

Now you can make a lot of smaller or larger colored fabric baskets for things we lose easily.

If you want to try this simple and fun DIY project, go to the Fabric Types page and select Cotton Sateen. You can also use Classic Cotton or Cotton Twill fabrics for this DIY project.

Send us pictures and videos of your colorful fabric baskets or post them on Instagram with the hashtag #caspardiy. Can’t wait to see your lovely DIY projects.


Watch the video below to make it easier for you to make fabric baskets.
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