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Custom Made Products – Express Your Creativity

Express Your Creativity Using Our Product Customizer

Be different, Be yourself, Be unique!

Express yourselves through that which people will first notice – clothing!

Caspar has a mission: to support those creative ones – designer beginners, influencers and all of those who wish to clearly express their statement. We have decided to give them an opportunity to place their ideas on products that are to be proudly shown and worn, and all of this through a special option on our website – customizer.

What is this device? What are we talking about?

It’s not a device, it’s an…

… online product customization tool!

By selecting all over print (AOP) products in our web shop, you are provided with an option to adjust them to your own design ideas. Here you can let your imagination run wild, let your creativity take over – put different colours, texts and upload photos that will proudly stand on your new product.

Blanket for those cold winter days, a personalized tote bag, pillowcase to make your couch feel special, women’s leggings or a classic T-shirt – all of these can be customized. Best of all? You don’t need to make ten of them at once – the minimum order is just one piece.

Well, we know this is all a bit confusing.

So we decided to show you how to design your new clothes, step by step.

Custom made products – tutorial

We use tutorials on a daily basis, too, so we’ve created this one to answer any of the questions you might have.

Let us explain the procedure on our All Over Printed T-Shirt.

First of all, you need to select the size. This product, as is the case with most AOP products, ranges from size XXS to XXL, so you can rest assured you’ll find one that will fit you. Once this is selected, you may begin the customization procedure – click on “Customize”.

Et voilà – our customizer opens!

You will automatically see two visuals – 2D on the left and 3D on the right side. By clicking on 3D, and navigating the mouse, you can rotate the product and see it on all sides. If you wish to see only 2D or only 3D, you must select the desired option in the upper right corner.

There you go – you are all set to express your creativity!

First option: colour

  • We offer you different colour options, but also the possibility to select your own. Just click on the rainbow option and customize yours (or insert its code).
  • You want your sleeves to be in one, and the collar in another colour? The front in green and the back in yellow? No problem – below you can see the option of selecting a certain part, and each of it may have its own colouring.

Second option – image

  • We know you must have some creative designs saved on your computer. Why not put it on your new T-shirt? Rotate the image so you can see the part where you want your design to be – front, back or sleeves.
  • Now click on “Upload”, select the image you want on your design and drop it on the T-shirt.
  • Here you can stretch it and put it on different parts of the shirt.
  • Another amazing option is image all over print, whether it’s on a T-shirt or a pillowcase. Once you have uploaded the image into the customizer, click on “All Over Print” in the editor, and it will appear on the entire product:

The third option – text

  • Some of you might prefer text over colour. If you have a statement that will match those punk Vivienne Westwood shirts, just write them down in the customizer and that’s it!
  • When you write down the text, select the font and colour. Click “OK” and you can drop it on the shirt and alter its size.
  • If you are feeling a bit playful, you can also rotate and flip the text – Flip H (horizontally), Flip V (vertically), Bring to front and Send to back.

And that’s it!

Oh yes, another thing: the product with the same design, bit with different size, can be added later, once you have already placed the product in your basket.

Simple and creative.

Your part is over and ours may begin – we will print it, sew it and deliver it as soon as possible.

Are you ready for something different?

Take a peek into our webshop and check out our AOP selection!

P.S. Click here to see video tutorial “How to use our Product Customizer”

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