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Caspar Customizer – Transfer Your Designs Onto a Piece of Fabric!

Do you have a fabric design on your mind, but you just can’t seem to find something similar on offer?

We have an idea – create a design, and we will transfer it onto a piece of fabric which you choose!

This way, you have complete control over the entire appearance of the material. You design it, we make it, and then you can go on and sew everything that comes to mind: T-shirts, pouches, scarfs, pillowcases, tablecloths…

The options are endless, and your sewing machine is sitting there, waiting for new and creative materials.

What exactly are we talking about?

Allow us to introduce our new customizer!

Our fabrics and your designs

Have you come up with your own design? Or found a perfect photo online?

Just save it in JPG or PNG format, and you can launch our customizer!

All fabrics we have on offer can become your printing canvas onto which you can transfer your creative designs. Bright flowers on Cotton Poplin, oriental feature on thicker Cotton Canvas or hilarious racoons on Classic Cotton – the choice is yours.

After you have selected the desired fabric, it’s time to create – click on “Customize” and our customizer appears!

The fabric length you see as set is also our minimal order amount – one metre. This quantity may be altered by clicking on “Length (m)” in the upper left part of the customizer.

Your desired design is now only a few steps away.

  • Click on the “Upload” option and you will see a window where you can insert the photo from your computer.
  • After you have selected your design, a window will appear warning you that all uploaded photos must be legally yours. Insert a tick and click on “Yes” if you agree.
  • The design may be enlarged until a warning appears, saying that you have reached the maximum size. This depends on the dimensions of the uploaded photo.

Pattern styles

  • “Repeat Pattern Style” option offers many possibilities of pattern repeating on the entire fabric.
  • If, on the other hand, you would like several photos on your fabric, you can upload them and place them around the fabric. Just click on each and drag it around to get the desired look.
  • There are still some aces upon our sleeve! Your fabric can be divided into a “net” by clicking on the arrow next to the fabric length. You will see an option where you can increase or decrease the number of desired columns and rows. Once you have selected them, you may edit each window separately, and repeat the design inside it.

In the meantime, in case you have changed your mind about the type of fabric you want, you can change it in the customizer. In the upper part you can see the option “Classic Cotton”. Just click on it and select another option from the ones that appear.

Ridiculous racoons will perhaps look better on a pillowcase made of Cotton Canvas, don’t you agree? Just imagine the faces of your visitors when they sit on your couch and see these faces right next to them 🙂

So that’s all you have to do, folks – the rest is up to us! We will transfer your design into the fabric using an eco-friendly dye, cut it and deliver it to your doorstep.

Take a peek into our offer and let the most amazing sewing begin!

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