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Slow fashion VS. Fast fashion solutions:

Caspar microfactory

There is probably no person on Earth that is not familiar with the phrase “Fast Fashion” and all the negative connotations associated with it. Mass production, cheap processes, bad working conditions and poor quality are results of this infamous “Fast Fashion” concept. To be completely honest, we would lie too if we would say that every piece of clothing in our wardrobe is really needed. The brutal truth is that we all purchase more than we wear and that has taken us to a problem. “Slow Fashion” concept can provide a solution to that problem. Fast Fashion vs. Slow Fashion is a real war going on in the fashion scene. In the last 15 years on the global stage, awareness of environmental protection and preservation, importance of environmental sustainability, good working conditions and a positive contribution to the human community has been on a rise.

Mass globalization, the pace of life and everything constantly impose on us the notion of “fast” as an indispensable requirement and guiding thought. Rarely do we stop to ask ourselves: “Ok c’mon, does it really need to be so fast? Wouldn’t’ it be better if it would be a bit slower, but better, more economical and ultimately more useful to the local community and us?”

Has the word “slow” really become so negative that people don’t want to deal with anything related to it?

Nooo, not everything is bad… The Slow Fashion movement is slowly but surely (no pun intended 🙂 ) rising above the Fast Fashion model. It raises awareness not only of individuals but also of fashion designers and design companies and brands.

That is why our Caspar Design team decided to be one of the Slow Fashion leaders in our area and promote the values and positive effects of this business model. Eco-friendly, organic, green, ethical, sustainable, socially aware, zero waste technology, etc. are some of the phrases closely related to this “Slow Fashion” movement.

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Ask yourself who makes the clothes you wear? Under what conditions? Was the worker who sewed your favourite t-shirt adequately paid for it? Today we present another term that we hope will soon become widely known: “Microfactory”. It is the concept of “Microfactory” that offers a solution in the Slow vs. Fast Fashion war and will provide the advantage to the Slow Fashion movement.

We are proud to be able to call our factory a real Microfactory

Our Microfactory Grafko Caspar is a smaller company capable of complete production of smaller series of products. The best thing is that all production processes can be finalized in our factory; from developing, tailoring, printing, sewing, all the way to shipping the finished piece of clothing to the customer. We support the local community, pay attention to environmental sustainability and encourage individualization and personalization of products. Because let’s face it, we all had enough of one and the same “mass confection clothes”.

Sustainable and socially aware production

Huge factories in third countries of the world where working conditions and quality are questionable use different production sites for multiple stages of production which prolongs production time and consumes resources. We want to avoid that. The ways we buy and sell today are evolving at an enormous rate and some processes are becoming completely obsolete. With digitalization, today it is not a problem to send your design to our Microfactory, easily agree on all the conditions and get the product delivered to your home address in just a few days. The term “Slow Fashion” no longer holds water because it is not so slow anymore. Maybe we should suggest to renowned world designers and influencers a word replacement? Smart Fashion maybe? Smart is popular nowadays. Oh no, this term exists already and it’s completely another story…

To summarize, we at Caspar have realized that the Microfactory concept is a solution for better, more flexible, sustainable and socially aware production. By investing in technology and innovation, we contribute to the return of the Slow Fashion model in a big way. Our Microfactory completes the process of development, design, sampling, individualization, personalization, custom-made production and finalization of products. If we are helping the environment, local manufacturers, designers and the entire community, who can be happier than us? Not to mention the fact that Caspar pieces of clothing are so much more interesting, different, higher in quality and more colourful than the ones we see in stores every day.

Our Microfactory is the perfect choice for already reputable designers as well as designers who are just building their brand. With the help of our leading-edge technology, we are able to transfer all their colourful, specific and unique designs to high-quality fabrics.

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