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What Makes us different? Fashion and Business Future, Caspar Style

We’re not just another textile company on the market, we are here to change it.

How do we plan to do it?

Fashion industry is known to be one of the main environmental pollutants. Fashion industry is where the workers are exploited on a daily basis, and large fashion corporations smother the young designers that want to make it. They simply can’t express themselves in this vortex of mass production, bad materials and copies of the same designs.

Caspar is here to turn it all upside down!

Of course, we can’t do it without you.

Are you ready? We grabbed your hand and together we are heading into the production process. Here you can see how we plan to change the world!


Tailored to fit you and your ideas

Perhaps you’ve already heard about it, but we will once again mention our customizer. All AOP products in our web shop, as well as our fabrics, can be customised. Your design, your text, your craziest ideas can be on it.

Don’t worry – the prices you see in our store are print-included. Yes, there is no need to pay it extra.

But we didn’t stop there. Here are some other innovations:

  • The minimum order is just 1 metre or one piece.
  • For large quantities (above 30 metres) you get a discount.
  • Sizes range from XXS to XXL, so everyone can find the one that will fit them.


Once you have made your order, we will prepare it and deliver it as soon as possible.

Also, we are especially proud of our products and fabrics, so let’s talk about that for a while.


two creative personalized tote bags

personalized t shirts

grey sofa and colorful personalized pillow

Sustainable and eco-friendly

Slow fashion doesn’t mean we are slow (except maybe when we get up in the morning). Slow fashion is the opposite of the current fashion world where every five minutes there is a new trend, and mass production results in a bunch of garbage and pollution.

This movement encompasses:

  • high quality products that last longer
  • sustainable materials that can be recycled
  • items produced on order
  • fairtrade


How do we do it?

By using certified eco-friendly products, the ones that guarantee quality and reliability. By sewing and printing on order. By using eco-friendly textile dyes that don’t require water. Microfactory and fairtrade concepts fit here as well, and we will talk about them later.

We are especially proud of the fact that we are the first ones on the market who offer custom, GOTS certified products. This international label is given to eco-friendly, sustainable products which have passed rigorous tests and fulfilled strict requirements. This way we rest assured that their manufacturing process is eco-friendly, from the beginning to the end.

Oh yes, we said we will explain microfactory and fairtrade!


Fairtrade is not just another fancy term. Fairtrade is a movement that cooperates with manufacturers, companies and governments to make the manufacturing process fair.

How do they do it?

Fairtrade sets social, economic and ecological standards that must be fulfilled to protect the labourer’s rights and to preserve the environment. Some of these include:

  • fair minimum wage
  • protecting the worker’s rights
  • normal working conditions
  • no harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process
  • lowering carbon emissions


What do we do at Caspar? We get our materials from responsible sources. We ensure all our workers fair wages and excellent working conditions, which include free Sundays, stimulations and bonuses and, of course, an excellent work team!


That’s right, our factory is a microfactory. No, this doesn’t mean there is just one machine in one room. Microfactory is a term that is used for small or medium operations that are largely automated by high technology. Why is this important?

Microfactories use less energy and materials in their production, i.e., they have less environmental impact.

Don’t let the name fool you – despite being ‘micro’, these factories can produce large quantities of products, in our case textiles and textile products.

Caspar’s factory has modern machines which use less energy in the manufacturing process (sewing, printing, tailoring, shipping), therefore they have less environmental impact.

sewing machine and colorful fabrics

different types of fabrics

blue and green threads for sewing machine

We care about the Caspar community

We want to gather a merry, creative community around us. Our Caspar family.

We want to help the young designers, influencers and those creative individuals that are full of ideas. We want to give them a chance to show what they’ve got and impress the world with their creations.

Do you want to become a member? Just register on our website! We are so grateful for every new member that we will give you a special gift upon registration – a free sample pack! We believe it will help you with fabric selection 🙂

We’re not done yet – we strive for excellence and advancement, and we are sure we will soon have some more news that will lead us closer to our goals.

Do you want to stay in touch? In our weekly newsletters we will inform you about our news and special discounts so you don’t miss a thing!

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